Cover Upgrade

Aside from lovely fabrics you album cover can be personalised even further. You can mix and match options below within one cover. Please refer to the FAQ to determine which options are available for which linens.


Embossing is a process of stamping the fabric with letter blocks at great pressure and temperature.
We use one sans serif font which is 1cm high. Available in plain or gold/silver color.

© Benjamin Thomas Wheeler

Laser Etching

By using focused laser beam, we are able to burn into the fabric, wood or leather. The final effect depends on several variables including fabric type. We recommend it for wood/leather and colibri linens.

Overprint / imprint

Great option if your cover needs custom text or detailed graphics. A special foil is bonded with the linen. Similar to golden embossing but it doesnt dent the cover and is flat. Available in gold, silver, white, black. Because it requires pressure and temperature on the entire cover we can't do it on leather which requires a custom die stamp and embossing.

Overprint + cameo © Stephanie Hunter

Overprint is great on smooth linen © Lisa Jungmann


This is a special cut in window in the cover containing a picture covered with a special scratch free laminate. The linen is carefully wrapped to the inside for perfect presentation.
Pictured below with additional golden embossing and cameo on the box (aww!)

Photostripe or 3/4 stripe

A great blend of linen and photocover. Photo part of the cover has a scratch free laminate on top for durability. The 3/4 version of the stripe extends to the front corners of the book.

Photostripe vs Full Photocover.
Photostripe lays on the same level as the linen.

3/4 Binding with 2 little Qties as duplicates