Cover Ideas

We offer so many personalisation options that you will feel spoilt for choice.
We have featured some lovely images submitted by loyal QT clients so you can see the wide range of possibilities and get inspired to make your album special!

Please note that some personalisations are not available in all cover types. Please find more information here.



Embossing is the process of stamping a brass type into the fabric at great pressure and temperature leaving the letters permanently impressed into the surface of the cover. 

Font Type: Futura PT Book 9mm

Characters: A-Z 0-9 . - & or “!” to print “♥”     Colors: Plain, Gold, White

Embossing looks great on leather! 



One of our most popular personalisation options, a cameo cover has an aperture cut out of the front cover to display a specially laminated photograph of your choosing.

Available for: All fabrics except leatherlike.



A special foil is bonded with the linen. Similar to embossing but it doesn't dent the cover and is flat.

Available in gold, silver, white, black.

Very popular option. More information.



By using focused laser beam, we are able to burn into the fabric, wood or leather.

The final effect depends on several variables including fabric type. More information.