Meet with us

Below we list all our trips and events that we turn up for, you can meet us there have a drink, talk to our ambassadors, see our products and chat with us in person.

image by Paul woo


Our first stop is NYC, we can’t wait to see the Big Apple and we are more than happy to meet you in NYC and have a chat, have a drink and do some networking.

If you want to join us please sign up here:

image by: Paul Woo

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The Midwest Gathering

“Detroit is a place where things are made, a place where people have always come together to make something greater than themselves, piece by piece. The Midwest Gathering is carrying on that tradition.”

Please join us on this amazing event following below link

Lets go !

An amazing intimate workshop for people who love nature and small community of photographers. The event is happening in November in Manzanita, Oregon.

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Grain Zagreb

Grain - something completely different from events that we’ve visited so far, placed in a historic capital of Croatia, you can meet and network, have mulled wine and visit a beautiful historic city of Zagreb


Snap Photography Festival

Our flagship event - that we attending. This is one of the magic ones, you need to be there to believe how great Laura Babb has built, we warmly invite you to join this event as it is one of a kind.