QT Direct Service

Free yourself from a hassle of printing, packaging and shipping boxes with prints.

We have you covered! Send us your files and we will print them on a paper of your choice, copy to an USB drive, add a beautiful letterpress thank you card and ship to your client in a beautiful personalised box. 

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Wooden BOx

Natural wooden box, personalised with your clients' names on the lid with golden embossing.

Package includes:

  • 4x6” Wooden Print Box which holds up to 150 prints
  • Lid embossed with your clients’ names in gold (5mm font)
  • 25 Fuji Lustre 4x6” prints on Fuji DP2 lustre. More prints available as an upgrade.
  • Letterpress thank you card 
  • Shipping worldwide
  • No QT branding
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Linen clamshell box + gold embossing

Signature prints are designed to display your very best work - images that are worth signing. They are thicker (much thicker!) versions of premium prints reaching up to 1000gsm / 600lb Text weight. Every stack of signature prints has a set of translucent paper sheets between the prints and arrives with cotton gloves.



All the beauty of signature prints with aperture mat mounts - even thicker than the signature prints. Image presentation does not get better than this.

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Deckled edge prints have a gorgeously feathered edge which feel like they have been discovered between the pages of a long-lost antique.