Terms & Conditions

The Coupon Code Referral Program was developed in June 2019 to replace QTAlbums’ original Ambassador Program. The new Program will take effect on July 1, 2019.  QTAlbums  has created a new order system which is to be the platform for the new Coupon Code Referral Program. To avoid confusion, we will refer to people taking part in the Coupon Code Referral Program as “Participants” and not “Ambassadors” The old Ambassador Program is being ended, effective immediately, because the old order system which supports it is being phased out.

 1. Each Participant will be issued a unique coupon code for the calendar year, which can only be used in the new order system and is intended for use by new clients only. Each coupon, starting from 2020 will be issued on May 1st and will expire October 31st. In the year 2019 the coupons will be issued as the participants sign into this program and expire October 31st . Coupon format will consist of RP19*** (where *** is the name/year/RP – referral program).

 2. The unique coupon code, which Participants will share among their fellow photographers will provide 15% off an entire order, limited to one use per new customer, and expires on October 31st of the current calendar year.

 3. Participants will spread their unique coupon code among their followers via means such as social media, newsletters to subscribers, awards to workshop participants, etc. (The code is NOT to be shared in the QTAlbums Lounge Facebook group)

 4. Coupon performance will be evaluated by QTAlbums on or around November 1st and Participants will be granted QTAlbums Store Credit in the amount of 15% of the net sales generated with their unique code during each period. Credits will be awarded to Participant accounts no later than November 15th. Credits are not transferable and do not carry any actual cash value. Credits are only valid in the new order system at and cannot be used in the old system or via any third parties.

 5. Store credit in the amount of 15% of net sales - which is the participants’ reward for sharing their unique code - can be used all year around and does not expire like the referral code they share with peers.

 QTAlbums reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of this program at any time.