“Houston, we have a (good) problem…” and we need your help.

In a matter of a few years, we have grown from a one man operation to a team of two-dozen fantastic people, and this has created a huge problem - we’ve run out of space! We have now filled our 2,500 sq ft facility to the brim. All in all, it’s a good problem to have! ;)

Luckily, we have secured an additional 3,000 sq feet of space which will let us breathe as well as upgrade our workflow and customer support. Now we want you to be a part of this process:

Invest now and get up to 40% more.

Invest in prepaid store credit and receive BONUS CREDIT from QT. The more you invest, the more bonus credit you will receive towards your future purchases. Basically, you’re able to purchase a discount.

  • $500 - $999 USD = 15% BONUS

  • $1,000 - $1,499 USD = 20% BONUS

  • $1,500 - $4,999 USD = 25% BONUS

  • $5,000+ USD = 40% BONUS


Setting up more than double the original space, purchasing new tools and training additional staff is a major endeavor and we would love it if you could help us prepare financially.

Rather than opting for a loan and paying interest to some corporate bank, we want to support small, local businesses like yours, so we came up with an idea that lets us invest in each other.


We are passionate about making gorgeous heirlooms to preserve precious memories. Attention to details and top quality ingredients is what we are known for. This unconditional approach is what many of you appreciate so much and why you continue to support our business. Thank you so much ❤


Let’s do it!


  • Available in USD/EUR/GBP for use in both the new and original order systems.

  • Minimum investment of $500.

  • Starts on 8/15/19 and ends 8/22/19 23:59 UTC. Once the opportunity is over, it’s over, so don’t wait! All forms and funds must be completed by this time.

  • EU clients must account that your investment value will include VAT as well.

  • You can use your store credit without any time limitations and in combination with your existing discounts.

  • Bonus credits are not valid for refund.

  • To redeem your investment toward an order, make sure to apply any discount codes you may have and then checkout using the payment method “USE MY BALANCE”.

  • USD investments will be through PayPal, while EUR and GBP investments will be processed via bank transfer only.