how to sell albums, prints, and other QTALBUMS products

We have put together few ideas that you might find useful if you are just starting to offer albums or if you want to increase the amount of albums you’re currently selling. Also, here are some useful links:

  • product photos gallery

  • product videos

  • webinar about selling techniques by Pawel

  • pricelist request

  • album ordering form

how to make the sale happen?

rule number 1 - love the products you’re offering

First thing that has to happen is that YOU have to fall in love in products you’ll be offering. Think about any product from your daily life - if you like something, you have no problem recommending it to your friends, the words come easily and you do it stress free! Your clients will instantly hear the passion in your voice and they will trust your recommendation if you present them with you’re own favourite products.

Aria Silk (27).jpg

rule number 2 - know the products you’re offering

This is a super simple rule - know what your talking about. And know it inside out! This is where you absulutely have to have Studio Sample albums, set of paper types and fabric swatches. In QtAlbums we will give you 3 studio sample albums with 50% discount - so the best thing to do is to diversify and order AriaBook, ArtBook and another type of book that you personally LOVE! Smart & simple BloomBook? Or our most luxurious album, The Journal ArtBook? Some photographers offer every single type of books, fabrics, paper types. Some just go with a limited collection of products. So decide what you’re going to offer and get the samples. You’re almost ready for the best part!

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RULE NUMER 3 - prepare for the meeting

You will have to meet with you client at some point. It might be a face to face meeting, or a video call or you might just chat with them thru e-mails. Either way, you have to be prepared. If it’s your first time selling albums, practice with a friend - just play pretend. A prepared photographer should have : love for the products he or she is selling, variety of products he or she is offering (that being the samples!) and a pricelist! We have recently put together a pricelist that you can request from our support team or any of the sales person within QtAlbums (Jamie, Iwona, Pawel). You, of course, need to put a margin on those prices to make some money. So create your own pricelist knowing how much we are charging you. Come prepared with album ordering form. This will help you gather all the details. We have made an example album ordering form so you can get inspired!

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so what happens next?

You’ve just made a sale?

Congratulations, not only you have made your well deserved money, but you have also given your clients things that they will cherish for many years. For example, some wedding couple may not want the album as they see it as an extra expense on top of other big expenses they have while getting married. But in few years they will regret not having the album, and they will regret not investing the extra money into it. Trust me, there is plenty more people out there that regret thing they haven’t done than the ones that have. Same with the albums. Convince them it’s worth it.

You’ve tried hard and they still don’t want the album or prints?

One might give up, but that’s not what you’re going to do. A very simple, yet very effective techinque might come handy. Put together few spreads with their own photos you’ve just made. It’s a comepletaly different experience seeing your own wedding on a spread or seeing your newborn on prints! Give them the preview and come down with the price a little bit - it’s better to make slightly less money than no money at all.

stay up to date!

Like with evertyhing in life, we can never stop learning and improving. In time, our offering will change, we will add new products, there will be some good sales, we will add new fabrics and some will phase out. That means you need to stay up to date. Join our newsletter (link in the footer), check the closed Facebook Group QtLounge from time to time, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you won’t miss on anything.