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Include photo albums in your wedding package!

Would you like to offer your wedding couples something that was never offered before? Now you can have three handmade wedding albums included in the wedding package. One main album and two small copies for couple’s parents. You can have a unique selling point! Offer our premium quality wedding albums and let us deal with the client, the printing and the shipping.


Main album

The main album is printed on Fuji photographic paper. The album size is 25x25 cm (10X10'“) with 25 spreads (50 pages). We offer a choice of six covers, all with gold embossing personalisation that would include the couple names and lovely heart symbol connecting the names.

Photo by Mia Modigh Westlund

Photo by Mia Modigh Westlund


duobooks for parents

Duobooks are a set of two identical albums that are a small copy of the main album. They come in the 10x10cm (6x6”) size with the same cover type as the main album. Ideal gift for the couple’s parents.


choice of covers

We offer six different colours of covers to pick from. Beautiful, modern and timeless perfectly describe our selection of fabrics and coverings.


Raw linen


pastel arctic

PREMIUM PASTEL-turquoise.jpg

Pastel Turquise


Lux Blue

PREMIUM PASTEL-greige (1).jpg

pastel Greige


lux orchidee


How does it work?

When you decide to introduce this offering we will give you the price for the set of albums. That price includes the album, the design, the customer service and the shipping. We do it all.

After the wedding, the couple will provide us (QtAlbums) with photographs and we will follow up with the couple in regards to the choice of the cover, personalisation details. We deal directly with the client, you don’t have to. All we need is to receive the payment from the hotel. The price and the commission you will charge for this service is entirely your choice. Our price is set.

Once we receive the payment, we will design the album and send the client the draft version. Once it’s approved we will print and ship the album. We reserve up to 25 business days from receiving the payment to the shipping date.


What’s in there for your hotel?

  • Extra offering which can be a unique selling point, albums are handmade, will last for decades and are personalised with couple names

  • You will get a commission (set it as you wish!) over the set prices we provide.

  • We will send you a sample set of albums to be presented to couples with swatch box of different cover types available.  Just at a cost of shipping! / Just at a cost we make it! / Free!