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LOOKSLIKEFILM is a community of creatives where, by sharing our individual experiences, we enrich, embolden, and empower one another.

It’s an epic, never-ending feedback loop of jaw-dropping awesomeness, basically.

At the heart of everything we do is our love and gratitude for this community – every one of us –without whom our individual and collective accomplishments would be lightyears behind.

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Snap photography festival

It started with a spark of inspiration and the idea that a few days away from our day to day lives could create a unique, immersive learning experience. We built a community, in the wilds of the UK countryside, and an experience that our attendees would never forget. 

SNAP is the annual gathering of our incredible community. You can expect education, inspiration, starry skies, delicious food, chats late into the night and our epic mid-week party. You make a friend. You share a story. You get inspired for and it feels magical. Something clicks into place that wasn't there before.

SNAP is not a workshop. SNAP is not a conference. SNAP is the chance to be a part of something bigger than the sum of its parts. 

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Studio ninja

Meet Chris, a wedding photographer who was struggling to stay organised and keep track of everything, he even had post-it notes all over his wall…

But then he started Studio Ninja !!

Now, he can spend more time with his family knowing that Studio Ninja is automatically responding to his leads, emailing his brides and chasing overdue payments!

Like Chris, you can also save time, eliminate paperwork and help your photography business thrive with Studio Ninja…

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We are so excited about our new partnership with Pic-Time!

Pic-time is a truly unique and incredible platform where you can share galleries, sell prints and albums to your clients with a minimum effort.

Selling QT albums and prints (including the new deckled edge) have never been so easy and profitable! 

Register today with Pic-Time and prepare to be amazed.