We are so excited about our new partnership with Pic-Time!

Pic-time is a truly unique and incredible platform where you can share galleries, sell prints and albums to your clients with a minimum effort.

Selling QT albums and prints (including the new deckled edge) have never been so easy and profitable! 

Register today with Pic-Time and prepare to be amazed.


Why should you consider Pic-Time as your image delivery platform?


Breathtaking Galleries

Upload your images with a dedicated upload tool and Pic-Time will prepare a stunning gallery which shows your images perfectly on desktop and mobile. Integrated share and sale tools will boost your profits.

Absolutely breathtaking online galleries. Perfectly composed for both desktop and mobile.


Album design and communicating with a client can be a major time investment.

Why not make it easy with an automated (YES! Automated!) album pre-design?

We have tested it live and must say it is pretty amazing.

Screenshot 2018-10-15 at 12.28.03.png
Screenshot 2018-10-15 at 09.44.15.png


Pic-Time offers great marketing tools to reach your clients and boost profits.

Image sharing between your clients and their friends is a great marketing tool as well.


What QT products does Pic-Time offer?

Pic-Time offers a selection of QTalbums’ product range with selected album covers and one personalisation - the embossing.

This ensures that your client is not confused with too many options.

Pic-Time uses it’s own naming scheme for products:

Fine Art Album = Qt ArtBook printed on Matte Paper

Lay Flat Album = QT AriaBook printed on Fuji Lustre DP2 Paper with 1mm thick pages (single substrate between pages)

Hard Cover Book = QT Heirloom Book

Prints // Semi Gloss = QT Prints on Lustre DP2 Paper

Prints // Matte - QT Prints on ArtBook’s Matte Paper (240gsm) - offered exclusively for Pic-Time

Prints // Fine Art - QT Prints on Cotton Rag Paper (270gsm)

Deckled Edge Prints - Same as QT’s deckled prints - cotton rag paper 270gsm