Pic-Time & QTAlbums

Pic-Time - a revolutionary platform for photographers. We can easily say that we are excited about our partnership. The complex solution for professionals managing their prints and albums right now will be available with our range of products.

If you haven't yet heard about them please follow up this link where you will be able to get an exclusive offer on their platform with QTAlbums on board.

In celebration of this collaboration QTAlbums is offering 15% off on all products until the end of the year!

“I am thrilled that QT albums are partnering with Pic-Time.  As a long time QT customer and a recent convert to the brilliance of the Pic-Time platform I am so excited that my clients will be able to order beautiful QT Albums products within the Pic-Time workspace.  It means I no longer have to self fulfil QT fine art prints and albums and that my clients will be able to see the full potential of these products, via fully integrated product photography and the pic-time sales platform.  It’s wonderful to see two of my favourite brands working together.”

Laura Babb / Snap Photography Festival

“When it comes to albums there are a lot of companies out there, but QT albums know how to get the magic a photographer created printed on paper. Their albums are high quality and simply beautiful. We are happy that our long-term partner QT albums is joining the Pic-Time family”.

Matthias Jaworski / LOOKSLIKEFILM

“Since I switched to Pic-Time earlier this year I’ve had nothing but great feedback from my couples about the look, layout and ease of Pic-Time galleries. Pic-Time have quickly become one of my favourite brands so I’m thrilled that they are joining forces with another favourite, QT albums, and integrating album design into client galleries. My couples tend to love to design their own albums, they have creative flair which means that they don’t often come to me when it’s time to create a book. Pic-Time integrating with QT makes the whole process easier for them as they can do everything within the space of their gallery, and it means that they have access to QT’s beautiful fine art printing. It simplifies the whole process of marketing, designing and fulfilling albums.”

Hannah Millard /Camera Hannah