Hi there!

Welcome to the QT Albums blog!

My name is Pawel, we may have met before because here at QT Albums, my aim is to educate, to build community and to urge each and every one of you to print every single piece of your own work.

In this very first post of our blog, I would like to tell you a little about the people behind this company.

We are a small company based in Poland: Marcin Bittner founded the company in 2007 and this year we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

The idea of the company was brought to life when Marcin Bittner saw a gap in the market. He was a wedding photographer who needed a good quality album and he couldn’t find any quality company in Poland so he opened his own! He built this company from scratch; first Marcin was working alone on every single album and a few years later as the popularity grew, Marcin decided to hire more people.

I joined the company in late 2013 when I started as UK Representative so I could get more people on board with QT Albums. The path was challenging and long but we met amazing people because of it. The big game changer was meeting Lukas Piatek of LOOKSLIKEFILM and Laura Babb of Snap Photography Festival. We didn’t just receive great exposure for our company, but we also made friends and business partners which created amazing experiences. We cannot list all the feelings that could describe the fact how much we share the mission with SNAP Photography Festival and LOOKSLIKEFILM!

(on the left Marcin and on the right Pawel) image by  Lukas Piatek

(on the left Marcin and on the right Pawel) image by Lukas Piatek


The people we’ve met through this journey so far, we’re so excited about it. Whether it’s been having a pint of a beer somewhere in Wales around the campfire as main sponsors of SNAP Photography Festival, or having a Karaoke night in New York City with the ChooChoo Campers – these are the experiences of a lifetime, but we see that’s where our people are. That is why we put our faith in you, who continue to take amazing photographs, making your couples smile.

Right now, QTAlbums is on a path of change, adapting to the new reality of the company, at the moment our employees count 10 women and 4 men, all these beautiful albums are made by purists of the hand-crafting techniques. To keep on this amazing path of the progress we need people, and I mean photographers, QTAlbums staff members, our partners and our beautiful couples to print in albums!

Coming up we will write more about our partnerships, about our photographers, our brand ambassadors and show off the beautiful work submitted by our incredible community.

Thank you everyone,


Pawel & QTAlbums Team

Photo by Beatrice & Alberto www.intimatelovememories.com