Display Your Fine Art Prints!

This week I would like to focus your attention on something else than albums. I do love to talk about the albums most of the time, as there is so much variety, they can be personalised and it’s just a great way to print your work.

But I stumbled across some amazing fine art prints here at the QtAlbums product line and I’ve decided that I wanted to tell you more about them. The question that often comes up when talking about prints is “how do you display them”? It’s easier with the album - you keep it on a shelf, or better on your coffee table for everyone to see it. I have prepared few ideas for you of how to display or store your prints! And here we go!


QtAlbums Folio comes in two sizes: 4x6”and 6x6”. You can pick a duo or a trio version and choose one of our beautiful linens or silks as a cover. Printed on Fuji Lustre or Matte Cotton Rag paper. The prints are permanently mounted to a beautifully textured mat board. There is a discrete magnet which helps with keeping the folio closed.

Cover personalisations are also possible - so say no more - they are perfect. Besides that, they can be stood on end for presentation, so it’s an ideal gift! Folio is available to purchase in the new storefront. Take a look at the stunning pictures of the Folio in the gallery below.


Floating frames are easy to buy - there are many types available online (on Amazon, E-bay etc), that you will be spoiled for choice! They are great for QtAlbums deckled edge prints. These stunning prints are made with 100% cotton rag paper and have a gorgeously feathered edge which feel like they have been discovered between the pages of a long-lost antique. We also have them available in matted version - my favourite!

Some of our partner photographers are already using floating frames with our deckled prints! Quote form Cassie & Michael Cardwell

PHOTO BY http://thewarmtharoundyou.com/blog/deckled-edge-print

PHOTO BY http://thewarmtharoundyou.com/blog/deckled-edge-print

Our favorite way to display these are in a floating frames. The see through glass that holds your photo is the perfect way to display the soft, hand-torn edges.
— http://thewarmtharoundyou.com/blog/deckled-edge-print

Clamshell presentation box

What if you need to store the prints rather than display them? If that’s the case then you just need the Clamshell Box. These beautiful, hand-made boxes will keep those gorgeous prints safe and sound for years! The clamshell box is available in single or dual compartment design.The attached fawn-coloured ribbon assists in lifting the contents of the box. QtAlbums make custom sizes to match the dimensions and quantity of your prints. You can have your Clamshell box personalised and you can check the types of personalisations available in the gallery of products - just click here.