Wyn Wiley and QTAlbums

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new ambassador for the USA!

I met Wyn during the SNAP Photography Festival. I’ve listened to his very inspiring talk about what he does in the photography business and for fund-raising. I found it very moving and inspiring, that one individual can achieve so much with his good will and a big heart.

I decided to approach him, and this opened a relationship which led to what we have achieved today! Ladies and Gentlemen: I would like to introduce you to amazing Wyn Wiley!

Listen y’all, One of the biggest if not the only regrets in my whole photography career has been not offering fine art wedding albums. It’s just that simple – for the longest time I’ve put so many false mental barriers between myself and offering albums and in the meantime completely robbed my couple’s of the opportunity to have their photos printed in the most beautiful physical form.
— www.wynwiley.com/blog
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About Wyn

”hello! i'm 26 years old and call nebraska home. i'm based out of the midwest & get to travel the world making photos for people and brands i love. the clients i work with make my life full and there's always an adventure around the corner. when you hop on board with me, you’re not a client, you’re a friend.

To put it even more honestly, I offered 0 album options for the first 10 years of my photography career I and then I got smart, well actually I didn’t get smart at all, I met a person far smarter than me named Pawel, from QTAlbums. We met at a photography conference where I was speaking and for the first two days of the conference I avoided the QT Albums table completely because I thought to myself-

1. the backend process of ordering of fine art wedding albums has to be one of the most time intensive and sticky process is out there – FALSE.

2. I also thought that there would never be a album company that would see and appreciate me as a human first and foremost & that they would be by my side for anything at anytime welp, FALSE too.

Wyn Albums

What I found in QT albums is a company and people that have my back, that take my photos and make the most beautiful product I could ever offer my clients, and make the backend process for me such a breeze that it’s faster than anything else on my plate during the work week.

All this to say, I just can’t thand these people enough for what they’ve done for me so far and cannot recommend them enough. They are. Solid gold.
So that’s just the truth straight from my experience working from them. If you want visual proof of their work too please take a look at some of the books they designed for me below.

I feel like I should wrap this up by saying that you really shouldn’t hear this all from me you should be hearing this from my clients to so I thought I’d end it with a quote from some of my clients Sam and Trey.
— www.wynwiley.com/blog

Photographers Keeping it Real

PKiR and QTAlbums

Photographers Keeping it Real with Andy Hudson - we have a kind of history to share with you. I met Andy a few years back on the Birmingham Photography Show. That time we were a fresh company in the UK market, and after a few pints, we said to each other: " well, this is nice, let's do something together!" And that's how Andy become our client forever.

Photo by Andrew Billington - https://andrewbillingtonphotography.com/

photo by Annie Bradney - https://www.anniebradney.com/

Photo by Barnaby Staniland - https://bgsweddings.co.uk/

Andy created Photographers Keeping it Real for the documentary need of the wedding community and it turned out to be a great decision. Right now PKiR is a large group of photographers with a great documentary style and most importantly - the decisive moment of the reportage. As we have a long term relationship with Andy, QTAlbums and PKiR are joining together to support both communities and promote the idea of print. Yes, print your work, all these moments can't be only be burnt on the pen drive and left in a closet. Please check out the latest competition run by PKiR ( you can win a lot of great awards!!!) Check their website, check our website, and KEEP IT REAL!!!

The BloomBook!

We have introduced the BloomBook only a few months ago, on May 2019. Since we have launched this environmentally-friendly and pocket-friendly album, we have now printed well over a hundred of them! We are so happy to hear all the positive feedback from our lovely photographers and their clients.

It’s just a perfect, simple and smart album with a presentation box. The raw linen gives this 8x8” baby a natural and organic look. That eco-look represents the BloomBook perfectly, as we took every possible effort to reduce wastage. That is why it’s not only great for the environment but it’s also insanely affordable. BloomBook is available to order in our new storefront only.

Check the price in our new storefront and you will be amazed! A beautiful album along with linen&wood presentation box for every pocket! I dare you to find something of the same fantastic quality at that price :-)! If you ever had a QtAlbums product in your hands, you know we never cut back on the quality. If you would like to know more about how we make the BloomBook to be environmentally friendly - just click here and read our older blog post.

I can’t count how many times this album has been featured in Instagram post and stories, but it definitely got a huge coverage. I love how people react to this book when they open it for the first time.

The fact that it’s so reasonably priced, might make them expect a little less in quality. But that is not the case with the BloomBook. It’s a solid, lay-flat album, printed on Fuji paper with a lovely box to match the look.

Video by Anna Raljanović who told me today: “And by the way, I love the BloomBook, if you didn't already know”

Try the BloomBook - you will love it too!


We are just gushing here at QTAlbums because Professional Photographer magazine has honoured us with a coveted feature in their 2019 HOT ONES edition for our Matted Deckled Edge Prints! We are so thrilled to have been recognised.

In celebration, we're offering you a HOT DEAL!


with the purchase of

10+ Matted Deckled Edge Prints

(10 prints are also 10% off!)

Use code HOTONE19

Offer expires August 23, 2019

Every year we offer our take on the best of what’s new. Dive into this guide for the goods that promise to make your life easier, your workflow smoother, and your creativity bolder. Our captions hit just the highlights on the best features of each product, so follow the live links for extensive product details and specs.

Product Photos by: Ula Koska

Wedding Photos: Heather Jowett

The Journal Artbook - pure luxury in every detail!

They say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”! Well, they haven’t seen The Journal Artbook yet!

It’s the leather wrap cover and the deckled edge cotton rag paper that make The Journal such an exceptional product. The combination of these two most luxurious materials makes people go “WOW!” Hand-made by our best craftsman, we can honestly say - our finest album!

Hazelnut (pictures above), Caramel, Stone and Black - make the choice with the four types of genuine Italian leather we have available for The Journal When we launched it we offered 8x8, 10x10” and 12x12”. Right now, you can have the Little QT Journal 4x4” (OMG it’s so cute! see pictures below), horizontal 8x12” and 11x14” (both vertical and horizontal).

4x4” Little QT Jounal Artbook

We’re not the only ones in love with The Journal Artbook. Our clients love it too! They’ve been taking some amazing snaps of this beautiful album!

"Velvet, if you please..."

There is something quite magical about this fabric. Your eyes will admire it, but the true love will come with the touch. Don’t we all love the soft, delicate, smooth and fluffy feeling? Yeah, we do – it’s the velvet.

“Black velvet, if you please…”

I love what Ula Koska did with the black velvet fabric. So here is the recipe – you take a boudoir session, mix it with a good bit of talent, put it in the Heirloom, cover in black velvet and place into QtAlbums oven for a while. You get this magical album.


“She wore blue velvet, bluer than velvet was the night, softer than satin was the light…”

The great thing about the velvet is that when using the right colour, you can match it with the design you have in the album. And like the black and cranberry are ideal for the boudoir sessions, the petal and blue are just perfect for new-born photography.


“You keep your heart in a velvet box, in a room within a house without a door..”

We love the velvet covers, but I might risk saying that we love the velvet even more on the clamshell presentation boxes. Still can’t decide which is my favourite colour, do you have one yourself?


Watch a beautiful cranberry cameo velvet album on a video. Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your work!

Lyrics by: The Shamen “Velvet Box”, Alannah Myles “Black Velvet”, Tony Bennet “Blue Velvet”

Emotional Storytelling by Twyla Jones

“Creating photographs that do more than serve as proof you existed - they show that you lived passionately and loved madly” is a quote by amazing photographer and our friend, Twyla Jones. I love this quote, as it represents our values too. In QtAlbums, we believe that photography is an art, and art should be displayed properly. We are so privileged, that Twyla is letting us print her amazing work, and we’re happy she loves what we do.

Twyla’s pictures on cotton rag prints & presented in Folio

Twyla has been sharing her amazing skills in a Facebook group called “Emotional Storytelling”. Since I’ve joined the group, I have seen nothing but stunning pictures. I absolutely love it, all the content is so inspiring, full of passion for photography and it’s more than just pictures. It’s stories told thru pictures.

Twyla and Noella have achieved something fantastic and we wanted to invite you to join the group. Here is something more about Emotional Storytelling community:

The purpose of the Emotional Storytelling Group is to connect photographers for encouragement, skill sharing, and professional growth as individuals committed to our craft. Our mission is to come together as a group of photographers who use our talent to share the story of the lives of our clients who are trusting us to show the passion they live their lives with, and to really connect with each other because we know that there is always room to learn and grow”
— Facebook Group Emotional Storytelling

Beside the fact that by joining the group you will access inspiring content, you can also take part in some giveaways! Twyla’s group recently reached over 10k followers and along with other prizes there were 10 BloomBooks to be won! Join the group, you will love it and wait for another giveaway that might happen sooner than you think 😉

QtAlbums & Studio Ninja

We have some fantastic cooperation news to announce!

QtAlbums and Studio Ninja are now closely working together to provide our clients with the best solutions in photography industry. QtAlbums is aiming for the highest customer satisfaction by printing the best quality albums and Studio Ninja is the #1 Photography Studio Management Software.

get 50% off your first 12 months subscription to studio ninja!

We know that staying on top of your photography business can be super stresful and time-consuming, but we would love our clients to be able to focus on what they like most - taking amazing shots! This is why we are happy to recommend Studio Ninja. It’s the worlds’ most user-friendly photography business app designed specifically for photographers!

“The way that Studio Ninja is structured is perfect for the way my brain works! It has the tools we need without going overboard with any unnecessary elements.”
DAN O’DAY AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year

Studio Ninja will help you to:

• Easily keep track of all your shoots, clients and leads.
• Never miss a job, lose paperwork or double book a client again.
• Automatically send your clients emails.
• Automatically follow up with leads.
• Automatically send payment reminders when invoices are due.
• And so much more…


Take a look at the video below and see how Studio Ninja can make your life easier!

So, if you're stressing out about your admin or having a hard time keeping track of everything in your business, now could be a great time to try Studio Ninja.

Emma & James love their QT Album

This week we would love to share a blog post by Hannah Hall, one of the photographers who attended Snap Festival. She loved our albums so much that she decided to switch her old supplier to QtAlbums. We couldn’t be more happy and grateful for choosing us! We are even more delighted to hear that Emma & James, who were Hannah’s clients, loved their album too!

I loved their finish, the attention to detail and access to round the clock support and advice which I hadn’t had with my previous company. Also, being half Polish, I absolutely loved supporting a business based in Poland
— Hannah Hall

Hannah also shared what Emma & James, her wedding couple, thought about their album. This lovely comment puts a smile on our faces, but the final product is a combination of great photos, the right design, and a quality lab. That’s why we love to work with professionals like Hannah. This is what Emma and James said about their album.

The album has been beautifully designed and shows the timeline of our day, all the happy, funny, exciting, beautiful moments we had with friends and family! The detail you can see in the photos is superb and we keep on spotting new little bits in each picture that really brings back the memories of the day!
— Emma & James

Thank you so much Hannah, Emma and James!

Check out Hannah’s Instagram!

The NEW BloomBook


May is the month when everything is blooming and coming to life. Our idea of an zero-waste & pocket-friendly album with a presentation box was growing for the last few months.

We have planted this vision in our heads a little while ago when we introduced biodegradable air-cushions. We wanted to create a product that would use some recycled materials and bits & pieces that would otherwise go to waste.

This idea is now in full bloom! And it’s called a BloomBook! How original…! 😉

So let me give you some details about the BloomBook. We bulk buy the material – the raw linen. That saves us money by reducing transportation costs, and generally, we can negotiate a better price.

As we offer just one size (20x20cm) we can have the material cut by a machine, which leaves very little material wasted. The Bloom Book comes in a presentation box, which is included in the price. The outer box is made of 3 mm cardboard from recycling, not actual wood.

The wooden frame inside the box is made of wood chips of an alder tree and it’s attached to the box with screws, so very little glue is needed – which means fewer chemicals.


As the money doesn’t grow on trees, we can now offer a product that is of very high quality yet super affordable. From only 65$ you can have the album and the presentation box! It’s a great entry level album for anybody who is starting to offer albums.