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Wyn Wiley and QTAlbums

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new ambassador for the USA!

I met Wyn during the SNAP Photography Festival. I’ve listened to his very inspiring talk about what he does in the photography business and for fund-raising. I found it very moving and inspiring, that one individual can achieve so much with his good will and a big heart.

I decided to approach him, and this opened a relationship which led to what we have achieved today! Ladies and Gentlemen: I would like to introduce you to amazing Wyn Wiley!

Listen y’all, One of the biggest if not the only regrets in my whole photography career has been not offering fine art wedding albums. It’s just that simple – for the longest time I’ve put so many false mental barriers between myself and offering albums and in the meantime completely robbed my couple’s of the opportunity to have their photos printed in the most beautiful physical form.
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About Wyn

”hello! i'm 26 years old and call nebraska home. i'm based out of the midwest & get to travel the world making photos for people and brands i love. the clients i work with make my life full and there's always an adventure around the corner. when you hop on board with me, you’re not a client, you’re a friend.

To put it even more honestly, I offered 0 album options for the first 10 years of my photography career I and then I got smart, well actually I didn’t get smart at all, I met a person far smarter than me named Pawel, from QTAlbums. We met at a photography conference where I was speaking and for the first two days of the conference I avoided the QT Albums table completely because I thought to myself-

1. the backend process of ordering of fine art wedding albums has to be one of the most time intensive and sticky process is out there – FALSE.

2. I also thought that there would never be a album company that would see and appreciate me as a human first and foremost & that they would be by my side for anything at anytime welp, FALSE too.

Wyn Albums

What I found in QT albums is a company and people that have my back, that take my photos and make the most beautiful product I could ever offer my clients, and make the backend process for me such a breeze that it’s faster than anything else on my plate during the work week.

All this to say, I just can’t thand these people enough for what they’ve done for me so far and cannot recommend them enough. They are. Solid gold.
So that’s just the truth straight from my experience working from them. If you want visual proof of their work too please take a look at some of the books they designed for me below.

I feel like I should wrap this up by saying that you really shouldn’t hear this all from me you should be hearing this from my clients to so I thought I’d end it with a quote from some of my clients Sam and Trey.