Photo Paper AriaBooks

A classic best-seller, the AriaBook is a gorgeous photo-finish album available in a modern range of silk or lustre finishes.
With a beautiful dynamic range, you and your clients will be impressed by this gem of an album.

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AriaBooks are modern, lay-flat flushmount albums printed on Fuji DPII photographic paper.
Our photo paper is well known for its fantastic dynamic range and durable, fingerprint resistant finish.

The AriaBook is a classic and timeless choice. The vast majority of our photographers feel so pleased with the AriaBook that they offer it as their “standard” album choice.


Papers: Fuji Lustre or Silk

Available sizes: 6x6" - 12x18"

AriaBook Versions: Slim, Standard, Plus

Spread range: 10 - 75 (20 - 150 pages)

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