The NEW BloomBook




May is the month when everything is blooming and coming to life. Our idea of an zero-waste & pocket-friendly album with a presentation box was growing for the last few months.

We have planted this vision in our heads a little while ago when we introduced biodegradable air-cushions. We wanted to create a product that would use some recycled materials and bits & pieces that would otherwise go to waste.

This idea is now in full bloom! And it’s called a BloomBook! How original…! 😉

So let me give you some details about the BloomBook. We bulk buy the material – the raw linen. That saves us money by reducing transportation costs, and generally, we can negotiate a better price.

As we offer just one size (20x20cm) we can have the material cut by a machine, which leaves very little material wasted. The Bloom Book comes in a presentation box, which is included in the price. The outer box is made of 3 mm cardboard from recycling, not actual wood.

The wooden frame inside the box is made of wood chips of an alder tree and it’s attached to the box with screws, so very little glue is needed – which means fewer chemicals.


As the money doesn’t grow on trees, we can now offer a product that is of very high quality yet super affordable. From only 65$ you can have the album and the presentation box! It’s a great entry level album for anybody who is starting to offer albums.



  • Tag 3 professional photographers in our Instragram competition and receive a coupon code for 50% off or be one of the 20 lucky winners who will get a FREE Bloom Book.

  • The competition is opened from 20.05.2019 until 29.05.2019. You need to be a professional photographer and a registered client.

  • We will send you coupon code for 50% via Instagram direct message. Coupon is valid until 01.07.2019, you can use it in the new storefront only.

  • Please order up to 20 spreads.

  • We will reveal the 20 lucky winners in a new post at the end of May 2019. We will contact winners directly.