September Reviews!

We were very lucky this September. We got some great reviews of our albums, so well done to all involved - especially our fantastic production team.

The first review that I would like to mention was done by Simone Batz. Her article was published in German online photography magazine - where we competed with other popular brands of photo album companies. You can read it all here - you just need to get your German dictionary ready! We have sent our deckled edge, 100% cotton rag paper Artbook. It was beautiful indigo silk with gold embossing

The Artbook comes with a white paper and this wonderful fine art paper with a deckle edge, which has a great feel due to the light structure. The print is excellent and even difficult pictures, such as the image of the bride and groom under the stars, showing little white stars against a dark sky, is very detailed and not leaked.

We also supplied our eco-oriented BloomBook and again - this smart and affordable album was well received. All the albums that were being reviewed has been of the highest quality, but the final verdict by Simone was:

Since I personally attach great importance to the paper, the uniqueness of the album, the sustainability aspect and the packaging, my clear favorite is the ArtBook by QtAlbums.

Since we value our client’s comments, we have now decided not to supply plastic bag along with the white gloves, and the credit for this action goes to you, Simone!

Our second review of this week, was made by Cristina Ramos Photography - and this time we have sent our BloomBook to be assessed. The BloomBook did not fail - as the quality vs price is just amazing with this album. Cristina wrote:

The album spreads lay 180 degrees flat with a semi-flexible feel, the paper is Classic Fuji Lustre (...) The whole product feels so sturdy and solid. It comes in a wooden box that evidences their care for elegance, delicacy and taste.

One of the most shocking things was the competent price they have for the professionality level of the album, and for the fact that they are hand made bound and quality checked at each stage of the creation.

Thank you for such great comments Simone and Cristine! It was great to work with you!

Wyn Wiley and QTAlbums

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new ambassador for the USA!

I met Wyn during the SNAP Photography Festival. I’ve listened to his very inspiring talk about what he does in the photography business and for fund-raising. I found it very moving and inspiring, that one individual can achieve so much with his good will and a big heart.

I decided to approach him, and this opened a relationship which led to what we have achieved today! Ladies and Gentlemen: I would like to introduce you to amazing Wyn Wiley!

Listen y’all, One of the biggest if not the only regrets in my whole photography career has been not offering fine art wedding albums. It’s just that simple – for the longest time I’ve put so many false mental barriers between myself and offering albums and in the meantime completely robbed my couple’s of the opportunity to have their photos printed in the most beautiful physical form.
Screenshot 2019-08-28 at 17.11.12.png

About Wyn

”hello! i'm 26 years old and call nebraska home. i'm based out of the midwest & get to travel the world making photos for people and brands i love. the clients i work with make my life full and there's always an adventure around the corner. when you hop on board with me, you’re not a client, you’re a friend.

To put it even more honestly, I offered 0 album options for the first 10 years of my photography career I and then I got smart, well actually I didn’t get smart at all, I met a person far smarter than me named Pawel, from QTAlbums. We met at a photography conference where I was speaking and for the first two days of the conference I avoided the QT Albums table completely because I thought to myself-

1. the backend process of ordering of fine art wedding albums has to be one of the most time intensive and sticky process is out there – FALSE.

2. I also thought that there would never be a album company that would see and appreciate me as a human first and foremost & that they would be by my side for anything at anytime welp, FALSE too.

Wyn Albums

What I found in QT albums is a company and people that have my back, that take my photos and make the most beautiful product I could ever offer my clients, and make the backend process for me such a breeze that it’s faster than anything else on my plate during the work week.

All this to say, I just can’t thand these people enough for what they’ve done for me so far and cannot recommend them enough. They are. Solid gold.
So that’s just the truth straight from my experience working from them. If you want visual proof of their work too please take a look at some of the books they designed for me below.

I feel like I should wrap this up by saying that you really shouldn’t hear this all from me you should be hearing this from my clients to so I thought I’d end it with a quote from some of my clients Sam and Trey.

The BloomBook!

We have introduced the BloomBook only a few months ago, on May 2019. Since we have launched this environmentally-friendly and pocket-friendly album, we have now printed well over a hundred of them! We are so happy to hear all the positive feedback from our lovely photographers and their clients.

It’s just a perfect, simple and smart album with a presentation box. The raw linen gives this 8x8” baby a natural and organic look. That eco-look represents the BloomBook perfectly, as we took every possible effort to reduce wastage. That is why it’s not only great for the environment but it’s also insanely affordable. BloomBook is available to order in our new storefront only.

Check the price in our new storefront and you will be amazed! A beautiful album along with linen&wood presentation box for every pocket! I dare you to find something of the same fantastic quality at that price :-)! If you ever had a QtAlbums product in your hands, you know we never cut back on the quality. If you would like to know more about how we make the BloomBook to be environmentally friendly - just click here and read our older blog post.

I can’t count how many times this album has been featured in Instagram post and stories, but it definitely got a huge coverage. I love how people react to this book when they open it for the first time.

The fact that it’s so reasonably priced, might make them expect a little less in quality. But that is not the case with the BloomBook. It’s a solid, lay-flat album, printed on Fuji paper with a lovely box to match the look.

Video by Anna Raljanović who told me today: “And by the way, I love the BloomBook, if you didn't already know”

Try the BloomBook - you will love it too!

The NEW BloomBook


May is the month when everything is blooming and coming to life. Our idea of an zero-waste & pocket-friendly album with a presentation box was growing for the last few months.

We have planted this vision in our heads a little while ago when we introduced biodegradable air-cushions. We wanted to create a product that would use some recycled materials and bits & pieces that would otherwise go to waste.

This idea is now in full bloom! And it’s called a BloomBook! How original…! 😉

So let me give you some details about the BloomBook. We bulk buy the material – the raw linen. That saves us money by reducing transportation costs, and generally, we can negotiate a better price.

As we offer just one size (20x20cm) we can have the material cut by a machine, which leaves very little material wasted. The Bloom Book comes in a presentation box, which is included in the price. The outer box is made of 3 mm cardboard from recycling, not actual wood.

The wooden frame inside the box is made of wood chips of an alder tree and it’s attached to the box with screws, so very little glue is needed – which means fewer chemicals.


As the money doesn’t grow on trees, we can now offer a product that is of very high quality yet super affordable. From only 65$ you can have the album and the presentation box! It’s a great entry level album for anybody who is starting to offer albums.

Presenting New Matted Deckled Edge Prints!

QtAlbums is proud to present - Matted Deckled Edge Prints! They are now available to order in our new shop. Keep reading to find out how you can get a FREE set of prints & a clamshell box!

If you have seen these matted deckled edge prints at one of many events and workshops we’ve attended this year, than you know what I’m talking about! Try words like: stunning, gorgeous, impressive!

Available at QtAlbums - these prints have a gorgeously feathered edge with a slightly textured surface that is a joy to touch. They are printed on archival, matt Cotton Rag paper which will last for decades. We have added a bevelled passepartout frame on top, for beautiful presentation and protection. All prints are handmade by members of our team - a real craftsmanship.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
A fine art print so much more!
— Steve Denby

Find out how to get 20% off on prints or win a FREE set of prints & box!

Tag 3 professional photographers here and we will send you coupon code for 20% off on prints and clamshell box via Direct Message on Instagram. Coupon code is valid until the end of May 2019. You need to be a professional photographer and a registered client. Please tag until 13th of May.

You can also be one of the 20 lucky winners who will receive FREE Matted Deckled Edge Prints (up to 10 prints) and FREE clamshell box. We will announce the names in the same Instagram post on 13th of May. The free prints & box winners will be contacted by us via e-mail or direct messages.

Wedding Portraits by Heather Jowett

Product Photos by Ula Koska


Qtalbums is bringing you more quality products! FOLIO & VELVET COVERS

This year has been very productive so far. We have travelled the world to meet you in Atlanta, Texas, Las Vegas, Birmingham and Cannes. Everywhere we went people LOVED our products. In Atlanta, we have shown FOLIO for the very first time. It made a huge impression on the audience so we had no choice but to start making it! It’s an excellent way to present pictures.

Folio comes in two sizes: 4x6”and 6x6”. You can pick a duo or a trio version and choose one of our beautiful linens or silks as a cover. Printed on Fuji Lustre or Matte Cotton Rag paper. The prints are permanently mounted to a beautifully textured mat board. There is a discrete magnet which helps with keeping the folio closed.

Cover personalizations are also possible - so say no more - they are perfect. Besides that, they can be stood on end for presentation, so it’s an ideal gift! Folio is available to purchase in the new storefront. Take a look at the stunning pictures of the Folio in the gallery above.

As our travels continued, we wanted to show you more options for albums covers (like if there weren’t enough) so we’ve picked VELVET. And again - it has proved to be a big hit at The Photography Show in Birmingham last March. Velvet is a distinctive soft feel fabric with a short dense piled surface.

We offer it in ten noble colours to emphasize the luxury of this material. Fantastic textile for album covers as well as clamshell or lid boxes. Due to the type of fabric, personalisations are limited at present. But wait till our new UV machine arrives and you won’t have to worry about limitations anymore.

We have recently added this fabric to our shop, so now you can immerse yourself in endless options!

The Journal Artbook

The Journal Artbook

We unveiled this new album earlier this week at Imaging USA and the reaction from photographers was overwhelming, to say the least. People spotted it from far away and came dashing towards it to scoop it up in their arms. When people caught sight of this album out of the corner of their eye, their heads snapped toward it and we heard every sort of "Oh my!" and "Where have you been all my life?!" We knew it was something special, but it's the greatest feeling in the world to see how many others agree.

The Journal ArtBook is defined by its soft, leather-wrap cover that envelops a book of hand-torn cotton rag pages. A rustic, leather strap closure winds around to finish the look. It’s a classic, antique-looking album reminiscent of yesteryear that, as you run your hands over the subtle texture of the fine art prints, invokes a wonderful sense of nostalgia.

The distinguished cover doesn’t stand alone from what’s inside: beautifully hand-torn pages made from museum quality cotton rag paper and printed with pigment-based inks. The fine, slightly textured surface of this archival fine art paper is ideal for printing both black & white and colour photographs, as well as art reproductions, with impressive pictoral depth. To make it even more luxurious, the front page is embossed in gold, illuminating your clients' names or your logo - a custom stamp allows you to create something truly personal.

The Journal's cover is not attached to the block of pages, and doesn't feature a hard spine, so we have also added the extra touch of a silk binding on the pages to add support and stability for longevity.

We invite you to create a studio sample of your own to share with clients and hopefully experience some of the same jaw-dropping reactions from them that we saw from photographers this week. Take 50% off the regular price by using the code below:

Inside images by Sam Hurd

Product photos by Ula Kóska


Use code INEEDTHATJOURNAL to get 50% discount on your Journal studio sample. We will mark the back of the book as "Studio Sample"

Want the Journal Artbook? Order now to get 50% off!

Junebug publication & pizza

At QT HQ we are absolutely thrilled to share with you our recent feature in the internationally renowned wedding blog - Junebug! Regarded as a wedding fashion and style icon, Junebug showcases only the finest wedding products & services and we are super excited to see our beautiful QT fine art albums featured alongside such amazing talent.




In today’s culture of disposable media, now more than ever we appreciate the power of printed photographs in sharing experiences and connecting people. We think it’s a powerful message to spread and we are always looking for ways to help our photographers overcome the challenges of discussing print options so that they can enjoy helping their clients display their photographs for a lifetime.      




Junebug’s July 11th article “5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Print Your Wedding Photos”, is a fantastically compelling argument for the value of the printed photograph. Insightful reading accompanied with some beautiful photography by the amazingly talented Wyn Wiley makes this article the perfect tool to share with couples and begin the print conversation. 





Remember, showing printed photographs and discussing print options early into the client relationship encourages clients to bring their own photographs to life through albums and prints.



All pictures made by Wyn Wiley